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Hoard Hunters (Read 5978 times)
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Hoard Hunters
28. Jun 2017 at 17:50
Watched "Hoard Hunters" last night, Sundays on Blaze with Gordon Heritage and Gary Brun, they remind me of Andy & Lance in "Detectorists" although Hoard Hunters is not a comedy it does have some humour and some good finds. The programme was at a rally near Corfe Castle where a previous hoard had been found and they were certain there was more to come up and sure enough Brun dug up what proved to be a Celtic gold stater where earlier another detectorist who found a coin had it "seized" by Brun who claimed it was part of the previous hoard, I wonder what right did Brun have to take hold of the coin. The finder didn't look too amused.  Sad
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Re: Hoard Hunters
Reply #1 - 28. Jun 2017 at 19:51
I have seen this episode before, and my reaction was the same. I can only think that there must have been an agreement before the search , if not does the treasure act apply because a hoard was found previously ? (assuming it was part of the original hoard )
 The episode shown does suggest that a rally was taking place ,and it poses the question should we beware of this on any rally we attend for any possible finds  Undecided
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